The Sling Psychrometer Story


Its mornings like this that are the reason that I do landscape photography. And they don’t come along very often when the weather match up perfectly with the subject matter, when the subject matter and the lighting match up, which is largely determined by the sky condition. And speaking of sky condition, that brings me to this weeks […]

The Greatest Image


Along the lines of “the greatest image can’t be seen” I believe that sometimes as photographer artists we have to accept that the greatest picture cannot be taken. Not by us. I had one of those moments as I was driving though Monson Maine last week. A moment of pure joy was followed by a moment of pure […]

Negatives become positives


This week negatives become positives, in both a metaphorical sense and a real sense for Holly and I. Wish us luck as we embark on a brand new adventure! There will be more text to follow in future blogs but for this week that’s it. Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to […]

Film is not dead


I’m back. And glad to be here. Thank you BDN for not deleting my blog even though I have not been active on here for about a month, due to extenuating circumstances. But, let’s not dwell on the past but look forward to a future full of black and white photos of the Moosehead Lake Region!!! […]

Photographs from the Greenville Fly-In


  Not wanting to make my blog about anything other than black and white photography means that every week it will be something different, an eclectic mix of anything and everything that I think appeals to creative minds. This week I am reading a book published in 1974 called “ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE […]

The Magic of Beaver Cove


Ah…the majesty of Beaver Cove on a calm morning with the lake all to myself (feels that way) and all morning long to explore all the coves and inlets on the Burnt Jacket side of Beaver Cove, with all of its native wildlife, like Mergansers, much-needed stress relief after having seen what town has to offer, which is not […]

Greenville Visitors Center Fire Tower


As a part of Forest Heritage Days on Saturday, August 13, a group of people from all walks of life met at  9am Big Moose Mountain Fire Tower Dedication,  an opening ceremony of the restored Big Squaw Fire Tower at the Moosehead Lake Visitor Center. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the talks given by state and local […]